Elizabeth Riegel

President & CEO

Email:elizabeth at goldstandardgroup.com
Location:Northern California, USA

Elizabeth is a results-oriented marketing professional with 20 years of broad experience and demonstrated achievements. Over the last ten years she has successfully managed press relations, corporate communications and product branding for high-technology products and organizations. Prior to that, she provided creative development and qualitative market research services to Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods manufacturers, and developed proficiency in the use of specialized ideation processes to develop new product concepts. Elizabeth’s experience includes:

Gold Standard Group ―2001 to present― President

Since March 2001, GSG has grown consistently in client base and team resources, and has successfully delivered in three areas of service:

  • Marketing and PR for technology companies; especially in the Graphics, Mobile Device and Embedded Systems segments
  • Comprehensive consortium management for growing technical standards organizations
  • New product development and market research services for Fortune 500 companies

Andrew Riegel

Operations & Sales

Email:andrew at goldstandardgroup.com
Location:Palm Springs, California, USA

Andrew has many years of experience in Events Management, Operations and Sales, and he draws heavily upon all three skill sets at Gold Standard Group. Before joining GSG, Andrew worked at 3Dlabs for a number of years, where he held a range of positions including:

  • Events Manager
  • Developer Relations Associate, acting as a liaison between developers and engineering team for product optimization review cycles
  • Operations Manager, responsible for purchasing, leases and facility requirements; realized huge savings through aggressive vendor negotiations

Prior to his work in technology marketing, Andrew had a career as a realtor, and as a residential mortgage broker.

Glenn Fredericks


Email:glenn at goldstandardgroup.com
Location:Halifax, Canada

Glenn brings a wealth of business knowledge and management skills to the team.

His career achievements include management of a 3000-person housing and catering oil sands mining camp in northern Alberta, Canada. As operations manager for a start-up technology firm, Glenn contributed to a three-fold growth in the company within five years.

Glenn’s work in various service industries has given him a full understanding of customer needs, how to tailor solutions for those needs and his role as a contributing member in support of businesses of all sizes.

Glenn’s strengths include:

  • Customer focused service delivery
  • Human Resource skills
  • Client service based technology applications

In his role with the Gold Standard Group, Glenn participates in the overall management of the company to ensure that the business and financial models are consistent with the company’s goals.

Michelle Clark


Email:michelle at goldstandardgroup.com
Location:Palm Springs, California, USA

Michelle brings many years of experience in hospitality management and large-scale events planning to the Gold Standard Group team. In her role as Events Coordinator she plans and executes small and large (100+ attendees) conferences and events throughout the year in cities across the globe.

As our clients grow, so does their need for cost-effective event planning. Michelle’s careful attention to detail in working with vendors is highly valued by our member companies.

Michelle’s commitment to the goals of GSG and to those of our clients shows through in everything she does. She is a personable problem solver and a great asset to the team.

Angela Cheng

Chinese Marketing & Business Development

Email:angela at goldstandardgroup.com
Location:Beijing, China

Angela Cheng is based in Beijing, China. She received her Bachelor’s degree in finance and assets appraisal, and then worked for an international investment consultant company upon graduation.

With years of multi-industry experience and outstanding language skills, she started her career as a freelancer, providing all-around localization solutions and supporting overseas enterprises launching their projects or businesses in China.

With Gold Standard Group, Angela provides one-station solutions, including market research, localization consulting, events planning, business development, and other related activities.


Tim Lewis


Email:tim at goldstandardgroup.com
Location:London, England

Tim Lewis, an independent marketing consultant, with a 20+ year track record in the marketing and sales of GPU’s, ARM-based SoC’s and related software and development platforms. Tim has a background in parallel computing, marketing, event management and community networking and he co-organised the LEAP 2013 conference with StreamComputing. He is currently working with the IWOCL team (International Workshop on OpenCL) to host IWOCL 2014 in Bristol, England, is a member of Khronos and is the marketing co-ordinator of the Khronos UK Chapter, which is chaired by Samsung Research UK.

James Riordon


Email:jriordon at outofcontrol.ca
Location:Montreal, Canada

James is the owner of Out of Control Inc, a website development and management company founded in 1994. After building his first computer at 12 years of age, James went on to study Systems Analysis and RDBMS in college. With 15 years in the pre-press and desktop publishing industry, and 18 years managing Linux servers Systems Analysis and programming with Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL for clients and his own company, James brings a strong technical foundation to any company needing web-based services.