Elizabeth Riegel  |  President & CEO

In a 30-year career spanning new product development and market research services for Fortune 500 companies, Elizabeth has helped numerous companies grow and present themselves to the world in innovative new ways. Her experience includes creative development, marketing, branding and communications for technology companies, and much more. She has a special focus on consortium management for maintaining and growing technical standards organizations. Her creative approach to solving problems is tempered by her pragmatic approach to business, bringing energy to her client strategies and helping them move rapidly forward.

Location: Northern California, USA

Kathleen Mattson  |  VP of Marketing

Kathleen has been involved in high-tech marketing for the last 25+ years. Her experience includes marketing and technical writing and editing, general marcom, web architecture design and management, project management, application design, database programming, and business development. She is the principle of Miller & Mattson, specializing in producing references cards and providing communications consulting services. For Gold Standard Group, Kathleen wields a mighty spreadsheet (and MS Project file) as she serves as cat-herder and content-wrangler, taming the wild schedule and generally helping to make things happen.

Location: Portland, Oregon

Glenn Fredericks  |  VP of Operations

Glenn brings a wealth of business knowledge and management skills to the team. His areas of expertise include human resource management, customer-focused service delivery, and client service-based technology applications, drawing from a diverse range of work experience. For example, he managed a 3000-person housing and catering operation for a mining camp in northern Alberta in Canada. He also served as operations manager for a start-up technology firm, contributing to a three-fold growth in the company within five years. Glenn’s work in various service industries has given him a full understanding of customer needs, how to tailor solutions for those needs, and his role as a contributing member in support of businesses of all sizes. In his role with the Gold Standard Group, Glenn participates in the overall management of the company to ensure that the business and financial models are consistent with the company’s goals.

Location: Halifax, Canada

Angela Cheng  |  Director of Business Development

Angela Cheng is based in Beijing, China. With an education in finance and years of experience working in multiple industries, she provides highly professional business development, localization, and support services. Angela started her career as an interpreter and has a thorough understanding of Chinese and Western business cultures. This combined with her marketing skills, business knowledge, and experience with major Chinese enterprises makes her a valuable asset in helping clients achieve their business goals. With Gold Standard Group, Angela provides one-station solutions, includes market research, localization consulting, event planning and coordinating, business development, marketing, and other related activities.

Location: Beijing, China

Mark Salvadore  |  Webmaster

Mark is dedicated to technology, problem solving, and efficiency. He began his career in freelance design and web development work in 2007; eventually founding his own web development and technology consulting company, Recursion LLC, in 2014. He’s worked with a diverse group of clientele from non-profit organizations to the film industry and government agencies. Not content with just a single career, since 2010 he has been a firefighter with the New Orleans Fire Department.

In his role at GSG Mark ensures that all web sites and IT systems are functioning properly, provides analysis of trends on those sites and tools, and acts as liaison between IT partners and GSG. He stays current on the latest web technologies to ensure our GSG corporate and new venture sites are always mobile-friendly and multi-platform ready. He enjoys the challenges every new venture brings and is always eager to add to his ever expanding skill set.

Location: New Orleans, LA

Ann Thorsnes  |  Operations Manager

Ann has 15 years of project coordination/management experience, working on projects for Microsoft, Intel, and Cisco. She loves managing the details and working with tools to get the work done in the most efficient manner possible. She’s a multi-tasker extraordinaire who prioritizes tasks for the rest of the team and makes sure we meet our deadlines.

Location: Oregon, USA

Dominic Agoro-Ombaka  |  Design & Animation

Dominic is an artist with a concentration in graphic design, industrial design, 3d animation, compositing, and literally any other visual challenge that looks interesting. In his 10-year career, he has worked on everything from simple flyers to television commercials, military visualization, and accident reconstruction.

In 2010 he founded Agorodesign LLC, a small design consultancy based in New Orleans, LA, an he is currently responsible for all of GSG’s visual communications needs including tradeshow materials, branding, and web design.

Location: New Orleans, LA