A Few of the Many Happy GSG Clients

The Khronos Group

The Khronos Group is a not-for-profit consortium founded in January 2000 that is defining new graphics standards for mobile devices. It is supported by Member Companies: 3Dlabs, ARM, ATI, Discreet, Epson, Ericsson, Motorola, NVIDIA, Nokia, Panasonic, Qualcomm, SGI, SK Telecom, ST Microsystems, Sun, Symbian, Texas Instruments and many others. The first two specifications produced by the group are OpenML®, enabling digital content application developers to easily integrate video, audio and graphics capabilities into their application suites with portability across multiple operating systems, CPU architectures and add-in hardware devices — and OpenGL ES®, the official Embedded Subset of OpenGL®.

“Since 2001, from its inception to an 80-company Consortium, GSG has provided consistently proactive, innovative and cost-effective management and marketing services to the Khronos Group. I have been impressed with GSG’s genuine commitment to reaching our goals and providing satisfaction to the organization. If you are looking for a fast-moving infusion of talent and energy into your marketing efforts— I would look no further.”

― Neil Trevett, Khronos Group Chairman and VP of Embedded Content, NVIDIA

“GSG solves one of the basic problems with industry standard groups— effective administration. Having GSG manage the day-to-day activities of Khronos allowed members to focus on the technical development of the specification without sacrificing responsiveness to members’ business and logistical needs.”

― Shawn Underwood, Director, Product Management, Visual Computing, SGI

“The Khronos Group is run very well, and the support and attention GSG has garnered for this group is very encouraging. There are times that open standards processes work, and times when they don’t. The OpenGL ES spec development definitely falls into the success group. Thank you.”

― Alan Hudson, President, Yumetech

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ALT Software

ALT offers professional application and system level software and hardware development to organizations worldwide, with projects ranging from the displays of the F-18 Super Hornet and Apache AH-64 Longbow aircraft, to Speech-enabled PDAs for the visually impaired. They specialize in hardware-related software engineering with expertise in 3D/2D graphics, embedded systems, games, video processing, audio, networking, mobile and wireless technologies. Founded in 1994, ALT is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario with additional offices in Waterloo, Ontario and San Jose, California.

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Hybrid Graphics

Hybrid Graphics, Ltd. develops graphics solutions for mobile devices. Hybrid has a decade of experience in developing software rasterizers for various platforms. It also works in close co-operation with leading hardware manufacturers to achieve the best possible results for visualization on technically limited environments. GSG is pleased to provide PR services to Hybrid graphics.

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Elizabeth served as Corporate Marketing Director at 3Dlabs, a leading 3D professional graphics accelerator company, and was responsible for the content, look and feel of all corporate communications, press, events, advertising and website. At 3Dlabs, Andrew Riegel worked as events manager and in developer relations.

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GSG is proud to have written and distributed press releases for RealVision Inc., based in Yokohama, JAPAN. Real Vision is the leading supplier of advanced video and graphics LSI technologies and solutions for the Broadcast, Medical Imaging, Navigation Displays and Amusement Systems market segments. RealVision is represented in the US by RVU, Inc. of San Jose, CA.

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Media Machines

Media Machines is the premier developer of high-performance; standards-based 3D and integrated rich media core technologies. Their products push the envelope of multimedia development by enabling authors and programmers to create real-time interactive applications that unlock the power of today’s hardware-accelerated 3D computing platforms. Media Machines is also leading the industry charge to develop open standards that enable cross-platform development of web- and broadcast-based 3D rich media. GSG is pleased to provide PR services to Media Machines .

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Seaweed Systems

GSG has executed press relations and prospect development work for Seaweed Systems, a software house specializing in X Window System and OpenGL® products and services for embedded graphics applications.

“Elizabeth is a pleasure to work with both professionally and personally. She is effective, well-spoken, knowledgeable, very fast at what she does, responsive, assertive without being annoying and of kind disposition.”

― Robert Schulman, President of Seaweed Systems

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Conway Creative Group

For over 20 years Elizabeth has worked with Foy Conway, former CEO of Conway|Milliken & Associates and inventor of ”Super Group®,” a well-known creative development technique that utilizes group-based idea generation sessions with both consumers and client teams. Together they continue to provide a wide range of creative services, including facilitation of dynamic idea/concept generation sessions with target consumers and with client professionals, resulting in the creation of hundreds of very successful new products and services. See the Product Development page.

“Elizabeth is one of the most talented and creative people that I have ever worked with. I have worked with her closely on a number of challenging and creative projects as a new product development consultant. Her contributions were extremely valuable. She is particularly well organized, assertive, with innovative concepts that are always well executed. I would recommend her strongly.”

― Foy N. Conway

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GSG served as the west coast marketing arm for this east coast-based firm; managing and executing product launches, trade show exhibits/lead follow up, producing corporate and sales presentations, writing press releases and conducting press relations. 2ce is changing the way people view and interact with software applications and the Internet by transforming the traditional 2D user interface into a real-time 3D environment.

“In working with Elizabeth Riegel, we found an insightful, energetic, and effective partner to our company’s PR and marketing needs. I have confidence in her market knowledge and creative approach to achieving the desired objectives.”

― Mike Rosen, CEO, 2ce

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